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I am a Software Engineer based in Lahore, Pakistan, working as a Backend Developer in the MoonBeam team at Arbisoft. Apart from developing backends I love working on Deep Learning and Data Dcience projects and deploying them to the Cloud.


A 22 years old with a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan, who likes basketball, cricket and E-gaming.

  • Full Name: Abdul Rafey
  • Birth Date: March 12, 2001
  • Current Job Role: Backend Developer
  • Website: www.abdulrafey.com
  • Email: arafey183@gmail.com


I have a broad skill set, comprising of Backend Development with django and flask, Data Science using pandas, numpy, dask and matplotlib, Machine/Deep learning using Tensorflow, Keras and PyTorch, Cloud Solutions using AWS and Azure. I even have 2 MS Azure certifications!

  • 85%
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  • 75%
    CLOUD (AWS/Azure/GCP)
  • 75%
  • 70%

More of my credentials.

Here are some details about what have I done to get here and what I have been upto. My educational and professional background is as follows:

Work Experience

Backend Developer

June 2022 - Present


I'm part of the MoonBeam team at Arbisoft Ltd working as a backend engineer. Currently we are developing a podcast recommendation engine for Audacy. My responsibilities are to:
  • Develop and Maintain Data Fetching Pipelines
  • Develop and Maintain Model Training Pipeline
  • Model Deployment using Flask as Backend
  • The tools I've been using to carry out these responsibilities include python libraries such as pandas, numpy, dask etc, snowflake, MongoDB, AWS services such as SageMaker, Lambda, S3, EC2, EventBridge etc.


    November 2020 - June 2022


    I am a level 2 seller on fiverr, my pool of services include Backend, Data Science and Deep/Machine Learning. Some prominent projects I worked on for my clients are:
  • Development of Sales Management System for a real estate company with a Flask backend and HTML/CSS frontend.
  • Development and Deployment of a semi-supervised text classifier on a Centos6 VM on MS Azure with a Flask backend.
  • Training and Development of an English to Spanish Neural Machine Translation transformer model from scratch using Tensorflow, numpy and pandas.
  • You can still find me on fiverr here, but I'm not taking any new projects at the moment.


    Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering

    September 2018 - June 2022

    National University of Sciences and Technology

    In university I pursued a Software Engineering Degree from School of Electrical Engineering and Computers Sciences (SEECS). I started playing basketball again, after a long time. I was also a part of NUST Media Club and NUST Fitness Club for the 2019-2020 tenure. I partied hard and studied harder to graduate with a 3.53/4.0 CGPA.

    FSc. Pre-Engineering

    August 2016 - May 2018

    Punjab Group of Colleges

    I majored in Biology in school and realized it was not for me so I decided to pursue a career in engineering. I took Maths, Physics and Chemistry as my majors. I started E-gaming to balance out the academic stress and now I can't stop. I even assembled a PC from scratch for gaming. With E-gaming helping me along the way, I managed to get 88% in college.

    High School

    April 2014 - March 2016


    In Pakistan 9th and 10th grade are called high school. I majored in biology and other science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) in high schoolI. I used to play basketball a lot in my school days. I was the vice captain of my basketball team in 8th grade, but had to drop out to maintain good grades. It was tough but it paid off when I got 91% in high school.


    Check Out Some of My Works.

    Following are some projects that I have worked on in the past. I have worked on a lot of projects, but I have only included the ones that I think are worth showing off.


    What I Can Do

    I have learned a lot from the projects I've done in the past,. I have worked on projects ranging from web development to data science and machine learning. I have also worked on cloud deployments and CI/CD pipelines. I have listed some of my skills below.


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